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Consulting to High Net Worth Clients, Serial Entrepreneurs,
and the Aviation Industry









Aviation Services

-IRS and Department of Revenue examinations
-Acquisition, Usage, and Disposition analysis and consulting
-Entity structuring and planning – critical for tax benefit maximization
-Federal tax planning and reporting
-Sales and Use tax planning and reporting
-State Reseller Licence Agreement applications
-Mileage Apportionment
-FET (Federal Excise Tax) compliance and planning
-Depreciation compliance and planning
-IRCS 274 Entertainment Disallowance compliance and planning
-Fringe Benefit and SIFL (Standard Industry Fare Level) calculations
-FAR Part 91 Private aviation planning and compliance
-FAR Part 135 Air Carrier planning and compliance

Some of the most cumbersome issues facing aircraft owners today are the conflicts between Internal Revenue Service, FAA and DOT rules and regulations. We have over 15 years of experience and expertise to assist in the navigation of the often conflicting and turbulent air that exists between FAA and IRS rules that you will encounter with aircraft ownership. Proper tax structuring of your aircraft, maintenance of adequate documentation and careful and calculated use of your aircraft can result in significant tax benefits.

Tax Services

-Consulting and planning for business purchases, sales, and combinations
-Tax return preparation for high net worth individuals and serial entrepreneurs, partnerships, corporations, trusts and estates.
-Merger and Acquisition analysis
-Tax credit analysis
-Estate, Gift and Trust planning
-Flow-through entity planning
-IRS examination and controversy
-Qualified retirement plans
-Buy – Sell agreements
-State and Local tax planning and return preparation

Family office and Entrepreneurial Services

-Federal tax compliance and planning
-State tax compliance and planning
-Cash flow analysis and bill pay functions
-Estate and gift considerations and collaboration with Estate and gift legal counsel
-Charitable planning
-Entrepreneurial and Multi-generational Consulting

Our Family Office services provide SFO (Single Family Office) and MFO (Multi-Family Offices) consulting, accounting and tax services to help in establishing and maintaining best in practice services to first, second and subsequent generations. Our experience in working with successful Forbes 100 families and entrepreneurs across many industries with diverse family dynamics gives us broad, but yet deep, experience in assisting with family structuring and helping families to begin thinking of themselves as enterprises with common and shared goals.

CEO & CFO Services

-Interim CEO services
-Interim CFO services
-Contract development and negotiation
-Strategy development
-Board meeting participation
-Executive Leadership participation
-Business development consulting
-Budgeting and forecasting modeling
-Key Performance Indicator development
-Private equity and strategic buy-sell services

WCAT has experience in both CEO and CFO services during the growth phase of business, as well as, during the negotiation and ultimate sale of a business.